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Our Story

Since later 18th century, our forefather has been involved in the business of raw Jute. Being a landlord, they were producing jute in a large scale and were supplying to the British merchants. Though Jute producing and trading is our family business since a decades, we have been realizing it’s extreme significances in few years back due to the demand of natural fibre (Jute) globally. As the plastic products are too dangerous to the earth, we found Jute products as an exclusively alternative material which is 100% natural, biodegradable, sustainable, Eco-Friendly and with reasonable cost. Therefore, “Eco Bangla Jute Limited” has been formed based on the demand of jute fibre and other natural sustainable products worldwide.

“Eco Bangla Jute Limited” established in the year of 2017. It has a registered office and a head office in the capital city Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Who we are?

“Eco Bangla Jute Limited” is a registered limited liability company for the manufacturing and exporting of all kinds of natural, eco-friendly, sustainable products like Jute, JUCO, Leather, Seagrass & many other natural products.

We have a corporate office and a large area of production house in Dhaka, Capital city of Bangladesh. Besides, we have several production units in the villages in the district of Manikganj, Bogura, and Gazipur, Bangladesh.

“Eco Bangla Jute Limited” not only a manufacturing company but also an organization who aiming to disseminate indigenous eco-friendly products to the world market in order to reduce the use of harmful plastics. Facilitate disadvantages people in the society, empowering woman, and reduce poverty.

Creative & Design

The Creative & Design department is the heart of our company where everything begins. We have our highly trained, experienced and intelligence people those are working hard to create innovative solutions for customers demand, supporting every department of the company.


Our Marketing department works hand in hand with the Creative team. Marketing brings the knowledge of the Sales to the Creative team, and the passion of the Creative team to the Sales division. Each great product release is the result of meticulous planning by Eco Bangla’s Marketing team. Our Marketing team strives for innovation and is committed to creating and introducing great products to our valuable customers.


Since the beginning, we have adopted the IPP policy (Innovative Production policy); a successful model for our operations. All stages of manufacturing happen simultaneously, creating a far more efficient and more flexible way of operating than the one currently used by the industry. Our work values reflect the highest standards of quality, integrity and excellence. In addition to our Production resources, a well-equipped team of controllers guarantee continuous quality control during the production process.

Research & Development (R&D)

“Eco Bangla Jute Limited” Research & Development department is in alert of the latest trends and innovative technologies. Our R&D team consists of bright, dedicated members who are always updating Eco Bangla’s standards of excellence. The R&D department provides improvements to products that range from minor updates of features to dramatic, innovative discoveries.


Our Logistics department is the backbone of our entire business planning framework for the management of products, deliveries, services, and information. It includes the complex information, communication and control systems required in today’s global, fast paced business environment.


The Legal department of Eco Bangla Jute Limited helps us comply with the law, ensuring that every transaction is structured properly and all agreements are clear and effective. This department handles all legal issues that may come up from copyright issues to drafting waiver forms. Our Legal department helps protect our creativity and maintain our edge in the market.

Social Responsibilities

“Eco Bangla Jute Limited” not only produces eco-friendly, sustainable products but also practices corporate social responsibilities. “Eco Bangla Jute Limited” comply with the national and International labor laws and continuously improving labor policies, provide healthy working environment and other social benefits, participating in fair trade, support disadvantages people in the society, prioritize in recruiting female workers to empowering woman. Gender equality, Comply with the corporate policies that benefit the environment et.

What we do?

“Eco Bangla Jute Limited” is producing and exporting almost all kinds of natural, eco-friendly, sustainable products like…..

Jute made products:

Shopping Bag, Beach Bag, Ladies Bag, Wine Bag, Gift Bag, Back Pack, Jute Pouch, Lunch bag, Laundry Bag, Laundry Basket, Fruit basket, Flower pot, Toys Box, Table Mate, Jute Rugs, floor mat, Gunny bag, Geo-jute, Jute Tape, Jute Mesh, Jute Cloth, Jute Cotton blend Cloth etc.

JUCO (Jute Cotton Blend) made products:

Shopping Bag, Beach Bag, Ladies Bag, Shoulder bag, Travel bag, Yoga bag, Gym bag, Cosmetics Bag, Office bag, Wine Bag, School Bag, Gift Bag, Conference bag, file folder, Back Pack, Pouch, Lunch bag, Laundry Bag, Laundry Basket, Pillow Cover, Toys Box, Tissue paper box, Ladies Purse, Coin Purse, Table Placemat, Apron, Key ring.

Genuine Leather Products:

All kinds of Bags, Purses, key holder, Belt, Sandals etc.

Seagrass and other natural products:

Laundry basket, Shopping bag and basket, Corner basket, Fruit basket, toys basket, Ladies bags, Floor mat, Wall mat, Water hyacinth bag and basket, Corn leaf bag, Palm leaf bag and basket, Cat house bed, Dog bed, Rugs, etc.